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Lip Fillers

Enghance, define, go natural

Lip enhancement

Lip fillers at love thy locks lichfield aren't just for people who want noticeably big lips. We are fighting the misconception that lips can look natural with lip fillers. We can provide you with a natural look, a small enhancment to suit your wants. Alternatively our birmingham hair extensions, company can also provide you with a more glam enhancement.

Filler products

Product we use range from a low price range to a high price range. If you've had fillers before and no the product name please feel free to request. If not we have a large variety and will pick one depending on your price range and needs. All are products are CE marked and done by a fully qualified professional.

What else can we fill?

Fillers are not just for lips.. We also provide procedures of
-Jaw fillers
-Cheek fillers
-Nose reshape
-deep wrinkles
-skin dips